Manrose Standard Fan - Terracotta 4 Inch Extractor Fan Ducting Kit

  • Manrose Standard Fan - Terracotta 4 Inch Extractor Fan Ducting Kit


Product Description


Terracotta Vent & Manrose Standard Intervent Extractor Fan Ducting Kit

4 Inch / 100mm Ducting


1 x Standard 240 volt extractor fan 
1 x Terracotta gravity flap vent
1 x 1 Metre PVC flexible ducting

A Complete kit simply attach ducting kit together with clips or ducting tape.


1 x Manrose Standard Fan  NVF100S

Wall mountable for small bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
Extracts up to 85m per hour (23 litres per second )
Suitable for a standard 4" ducting
Dimensions: 156mm x 156m x 28mm

For wall mounting and ceiling mounting through 100mm (4”) diameter flexible or rigid pipes 
· Extraction Rate 85m³/hr, 23l per second
· Sound Volume 41.0dB(A)
· Pre-oiled bearings for a long maintainance free life.
· Complies with  Building Regulations on ventilation
· Double insulated - no earth connection required
· 230V/20Watt


1 x  Terracotta Air Flap Vent Ducting Grille 

Wall vent with gravity flaps and weather sill

Helps prevent backdrafts

Manufactured with UV stable materials to reduce colour fade

Dual fitting for round 100mm ( 4 Inch ) ducting or square ducting

Overall size 140mm x 140mm.

British Made


1 x Flexible PVC Ducting

Can be fixed in position with clips or ducting tape

British Made By Manrose.


Type Extractor Fans
Vendor Manrose
Tags Extractor Fans & Vents

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