Manrose Timer Fan - Brown Hooded 4 Inch Extractor Fan Ducting Kit

  • Manrose Timer Fan - Brown Hooded  4 Inch Extractor Fan Ducting Kit


Product Description


Brown Hooded Vent & Manrose Timer Intervent Extractor Fan Ducting Kit

4 Inch / 100mm Ducting


1 x Timer 240 volt extractor fan 
1 x Brown hooded vent
1 x 1 Metre PVC flexible ducting

A Complete kit simply attach ducting kit together with clips or ducting tape


1 x Manrose Timer Fan   NVF100T

Wall mountable for small bathrooms, toilets and kitchens
Extracts up to 85m per hour (23 litres per second )
Suitable for a standard 4" ducting
Dimensions: 156mm x 156m x 28mm

For wall mounting and ceiling mounting through 100mm (4”) diameter flexible or rigid pipes 
· Extraction Rate 85m³/hr, 23l per second
· Sound Volume 41.0dB(A)
· Pre-oiled bearings for a long maintainance free life.
· Complies with  Building Regulations on ventilation
· Double insulated - no earth connection required
· 230V/20Watt


1 x  Hooded weatherproof cowl 

Wall vent with internal back draught shutter

Helps prevent backdrafts and wind noise

Manufactured with UV Stable materials to reduce colour fade

Dual fitting for round 100mm ( 4 Inch ) ducting or square ducting

Overall size 140mm x 140mm.

British Made


1 x Flexible PVC Ducting

Can be fixed in position with clips or ducting tape

British Made By Manrose


Type Extractor Fans
Vendor Manrose
Tags Extractor Fans & Vents

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