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5 x Spax T-Star Plus T10 Screw Bits Length: 25mm

by Spax
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Product Description



Spax® T-Star T10 Screw Bits


Pack of 5



Spax technology T10 screw bits gives you hassle free screwing.

Screw head size T10.

Type of screw Torx. (TX)

Length: 25mm.



This bit is a small interchangeable screwdriver tip without a handle. These are available in many different designs for every conceivable recess shape. The Bits are typically magnetic, and thanks to their hexagonal shape can easily be inserted into the bit holder. There is thus no need to carry around many different screwdrivers, and the appropriate tool is nevertheless always available.

To accompany our SPAX product range with the SPAX T-STAR plus recess, we offer SPAX BITs T-STAR plus with colour coding, precisely fitting our screws. These are available in bit sizes T10 to T40. Using SPAX BITs T-STAR plus,  you achieve a better transmission of energy, longer service life, faster insertion and a better fit.