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100 x Spax Premium Quality Wood Screws Size: 5 x 100mm

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Product Description



Spax Premium Quality Wood Screws


Pack of 100



Size: 5mm x 100mm.

SPAX® 4 cut point allows screwing in without pre-drilling. 

Precision pozi drive recess.

Ground serrations up to the point – quick and secure fastening.

Multi head for flush countersinking. Mills in wood and stops on metal.




The SPAX 4CUT point makes it possible to insert screws without pre-drilling (wood-dependent). This is achieved by means of the special screw point. The square end pushes aside the fibres of the wood. This effectively reduces splitting in the material and hence reduces the screwing-in torque required. For hard wood types, we recommend pre-drilling even for SPAX with 4CUT point.

The advantage of a thread with SPAX ground serrations as opposed to a conventional thread is that it can cut through the fibres of the material more easily. This functions similarly to a serrated knife, which offers the same advantages e.g. when cutting a tomato. The SPAX ground serrations on the thread of the SPAX, in combination with the SPAX 4CUT point allow use without pre-drilling (wood-dependent)!Mills into wood brakes on metal

The SPAX MULTI Head has recessed pocket segments. Edges are thus formed between the individual segments, which reveal their cutting effect when they come into contact with wood. The head is thus countersunk cleanly and flush. If a SPAX with SPAX MULTI Head is used for attaching a metal fitting, the non-recessed surfaces of the screw stop when they come into contact with the metal fitting. This effectively prevents over-screwing the screw, and creates a solid connection between the metal fitting and the component. The surfaces are not damaged.

N.B 100mm and 120mm lengths are partial threaded.